Dear Parents,

Funny how we moved from talking about children’s performance in schools to now discussing their well-being at home. This world is constantly changing but we bet none of us thought that it’ll change so much in so little time. It’s not easy, it’s not normal, so please stop being so hard on yourself. It is difficult to take care of family, work, do household chores and keep your little ones occupied, all at the same time. The tempers are going to run short, the work will pile up, there will be crying, and stress levels might shoot up. Being around with the people who are closest to us and knows us better than everyone else is bound to bring the best and on some days, the worst in us. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with them or us; with so much pressure and changes from the world, everyone is bound to act out. Even your little ones and let’s accept it, it can get a little bit taxing at times. We need to address that even though there are a million ways to keep them occupied and teach them something new, we also need to understand that we have to tell them what’s going on and how it affects the world as they know it. It sounds like a lot of information to grasp, but their little minds are smarter than we think. Let’s pause, reflect, and try to share our honest emotions with each other more and encourage our children to do the same. It’s not going to be easy, but we promise it’s going to be worth it. You are not alone in this, we are always there with you.

With love,


Home Pre-School

It seems we will continue to Coexist with COVID for a while now, while your little one can stay away from the pre-school care, but we want to ensure that learning for them should not stop. The early years are critical from learning and development point of view in young children; hence we are ensuring that we come to your homes with your favourite Buddy to continue with fun learning and engagements. Get ready to welcome your friend KUKU home. Your favourite Pre-School will come to your home in June 2020.

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Stay at Home Diaries

We have been under a lockdown to prevent the spread of Coronavirus for some time now. While it is for our best, our little ones might grapple with understanding the severity of the situation.

No problem, we have here a list of things that you can do with them to spend time with them and ensure that they learn a few new things in the process as well, all the while staying indoors. Who says that fun can only begin outdoors?

KUKU Safety Hero

At MY CHHOTA SCHOOL we ensure complete care of your child when they are at our Pre-School, now since we cannot have the excitement of them visiting us, we ensure our Safety Superhero Buddy comes to them to share few lessons on keeping themselves safe and healthy during the COVID times in cute ways:


1. When will the pre-school re-open after the lockdown?

We are closely following the Government mandates and will adhere to the rules and guidelines of strict hygiene and distancing set by the government for the pre-schools in due course. When a confirmed date for school reopening is set, all parents will be informed of the same.
Our pre-schools are ready with a plan of action for the post-lockdown phase. We have strict protocols of safety and hygiene in place that will be followed across all centres. Sanitisation and disinfection of the School Facilities, Transport Facilities and external and internal sports facilities will be taken on top priority. Periodic cleaning will continue during the session to maintain a hygienic and clean space for all children.
Yes, My Chhota School is running a virtual Home School Program in all its branches!
Yes, of course admissions to our Pre- Schools for all programs are currently open. To enroll online, kindly access this link:
Your child can continue learning through the My Chhota School Virtual Home School Program. We also have a lot of curriculum resource and home activities available on our student dashboard which was provided to you at the time of admission.
To ensure a safe and clean environment at our schools post the lockdown, we will follow all the safety protocols as laid out by the authorities. The following will be covered under the same: We should add that in addition to protocols laid down by relevant authorities we are also studying the various re opening protocols from across the globe to bring in the best practices to our network.
We will set up a monitoring and redressal cell to address health advisory guidelines. Our schools will be sanitized and deep cleaned regularly. We will conduct regular health…
Yes, a structured program for sanitizing the outdoor play area and inside the centre is already laid out, we will be ensuring after and before every session we will undertake sanitization of the facilities, equipment and students using the equipment. Further detailed Pre-school resumption protocols will be shared with the centres and the parents once the pre-schools are opened.