Welcome To My Chhota School

Location- Rural location (Panchayat Area/District Level/Talluka/Large Cities) With low budget having a need of an english medium school. Space - At least 4 to 5 rooms (approximate 1000 sqft area ) with . Person - Enterprenueurs having passion for education sector with professional business mindset. Investment - Capable of investing Rs. 99,999/-

What you get for Rs.99,999/- Toys, Puzzles, Smart class content (to be used with your own LED TV), Tablets with lots of educational apps, Ponny, Rocker, Slider, Chairs and Tables for 30 students, pamphlets and marketing material along with display board. Free teacher training, Free training for owners at our office or though skype.

Steps to start our Chhota School

  • 1. Get application form from us ; fill it up and send us back
  • 2. We send you agreement copy
  • 3. Finalize name and address in which name you want to sign agreement
  • 4. Send it back to us on stamp paper with a token amount of Rs.25000/-
  • 5. We send you signed copy of same
  • 6. We raise invoice ; you transfer balance amount
  • 7. We send you goods
  • 8. You visit Delhi for training or engage us with prior appointment for online training through skype .